Our Fixed Income business offers a broad range of investment opportunities and advisory services for global investors and issuers. Leveraging on CITIC Securities’ dominant position in bond underwriting and trading in mainland China, strong capital base and affiliation with CITIC Group, CITIC Securities International has fast become a leading underwriter and market maker for offshore RMB bonds issued by global companies. We are also increasing our presence in foreign currency-denominated bonds issued by Chinese and China-Concept companies. China-Concept issuers are those from China’s peripheral countries, as well as countries with a close ties with China such as Brazil.

Sales & Trading
With a dedicated team of sales and traders, CITIC Securities International is a leading specialist of offshore RMB products. We are one of the most active market makers in the CNH bond secondary market. In addition, we provide active market making of foreign currency denominated bonds issued by Chinese companies.

Fixed Income Syndicate
CITIC Securities International is a major underwriter of CNH bonds. We bring together global issuers that have interest in raising capital in the CNH market and global investors of various CNH products. Issuers of CNH bonds come from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. We are also playing an increasing role in foreign currency-denominated bond new issues by Chinese and China-Concept companies.

Structured Products
Structured Products are designed to facilitate highly customized risk-return objectives. At CITIC Securities International, we tailor-made bespoke solutions to investors and issuers based on their financing needs and investment objectives. Our structured solutions business encompasses all aspects of credit, rates and commodities products.