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Important Notes

Please be informed that the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”) has revised the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the SFC and issued the Guidelines on Online Distribution and Advisory Platforms to introduce additional requirements for the sale of complex products as defined by the SFC (“Complex Products”). The new requirements will come into effect on 6 July 2019 (“Effective Date”). Please visit our company website (www.csb.com.hk) to read about the new requirements, new product type classification, product information, warning statements and risk disclosure statements.
Prior to executing any transaction through our trading platform, you shall:
(a) familiarize yourself with the information and features of the relevant product and seek independent advice from your legal, tax, accounting, financial and other professional advisers as you may consider necessary; for the information and features of the relevant product, please refer to Hong Kong Exchange’s website (www.hkex.com.hk) and/or overseas exchanges’ website;
(b) understand and consider fully the warning statements and risk disclosure statements provided by us and the inherent risks and the specific terms of each transaction;
(c) evaluate the various risks associated with the relevant product and (if any) the underlying asset; and
(d) satisfy yourself that the transaction fits your investment experience, investment objectives, financial position, investment time horizon, risk tolerance level, liquidity needs, (if applicable) your view of the potential performance of the issuer of the underlying asset and its creditworthiness (if applicable), tax situation, diversification needs and other relevant circumstances.

From the Effective Date, if you conduct any transactions through our trading platform, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accepted the new requirements relating to Complex Products and agree to be bound by them. If you do not understand, accept or agree to them, please do not conduct any transactions through our trading platform.
Should you have any enquires regarding the new product classification, please contact your Account Manager or call our customer services hotline (852) 22379338 / (86) 400 818 0338.

Important Notice

"You will be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the contents set out in Risk Disclosure Statement and Disclaimer when you give any instruction for securities transactions through our on-line service available at this website. You are therefore strongly recommended to read the Risk Disclosure Statement and Disclaimer carefully."
Risk Disclosure
Statement and Disclaimer
Before you use our on-line services available at our website for effecting transactions under your securities account with us, you are strongly recommended to read the following carefully. You will be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the following when you give instructions for securities transactions under your securities account through our on-line services at this website: -
(a) The price of securities can and does fluctuate, and any individual security may experience upward and downward movements, and may under some circumstances become valueless. There is an inherent risk that losses may be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling securities. This is a risk that you agree to accept.
(b) Our Company and its employees shall have no responsibilities or liabilities for the completeness, accuracy and validity of the contents of any documents or instructions relating to securities issued by third party(ies) to our Company. Any indication of investment shall not constitute any recommendation for the purchase and/or sale of securities. You shall conduct your own independent assessment and research on the contents of those documents or instruments. The securities prices for securities services are provided by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and other information provider(s) as selected by our Company. Whilst our Company and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and/or the other information provider(s) do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of such information and shall not be responsible for any losses suffered by you as a result of inaccuracy and incompleteness of the information.
(c) The internet is, due to unpredictable traffic congestion and other reasons, an inherently unreliable medium of communication and that such unreliability is beyond our control. There may also be delays or outages in our on-line services system due to the necessity of system upgrades or changes or some other possible causes. As a result of such unreliability, there may be failure or delays in the transmission and receipt of instructions, and this may result in failure or delays in the execution of instructions and/or the execution of instructions at prices different from those prevailing at the time the instructions were given. Further, there are risks of interception, interruption or transmission blackout of instructions as well as of misunderstanding or errors in any communication. Such risks shall be absolutely borne by you and we are not responsible in any manner for any direct, indirect, special or consequential losses in connection therewith. You further agree that it is not usually possible to cancel an instruction after it has been given.
(d) In the event of system delays or outages mentioned above, you may contact our customer service officer at 2237-9338 to arrange for placing of your intended orders through other means.

Terms of Use

1. This section contains the terms of use applicable to the use of the dual authentication mobile application (the “Application”) provided by CITIC Securities Brokerage (Hong Kong) Limited (“CSBHK”) to customer (“You”). By accessing the Application, You are acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of these terms. If You do not understand, accept or agree to them, please do not use the Application.
2. You shall exercise due care when downloading, accessing and using the Application. Further, You acknowledge and accept that the Application is provided to You solely for the purpose of identifying the mobile device that You have registered with CSBHK (“Registered Device”).
3. You are not allowed to disclose any of your user ID or passwords to any unauthorized person, or to allow any unauthorized person to gain access to or control of the Application on your Registered Device. You shall safeguard your Registered Device, all passwords and the Application at all times.
4. If You discover or suspect that any of the passwords are known to, compromised, lost or stolen by someone, or, if You discover that your Registered Device, your registered mobile phone number, or the relevant SIM card is lost, stolen, possessed or controlled by any unauthorized person, and/or your Registered Device, the Application or other services provided by CSBHK have been accessed or used in any way by any unauthorized person, You shall immediately notify CSBHK. For your own safety, You shall also change your password(s) immediately.
5. CSBHK shall not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses of any kind, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental, resulting from the access or use of, or inability to access or use the Application.
6. You shall be solely liable for your own acts, neglect, omission, fraud or negligence (including but not limited to improper safeguard of the Registered Device or the Application or allowing anyone to read, access or use (as the case may be) any of your passwords, the Registered Device or the Application).
7. You shall also be solely responsible for ensuring adequate protection and back-up of data, information and equipment and for undertaking appropriate precautions to scan for any viruses, malwares, spywares or other destructive properties and to remove them. You shall refrain from installing or using the Application on any smart phones or devices that contain unauthorized applications or that have been pirated, cracked or forged , or on any smart phones or devices that have been cracked in software protection (such as “Jailbroken” or opened root directories). You shall promptly and properly follow the instructions of CSBHK when using the Application and shall ensure that the Application is updated to the latest version and operates properly on the Registered Device. When using the Application on your Registered Device, you shall also follow the operating instructions provided by CSBHK from time to time.
8. You acknowledge and accept that CSBHK may, without giving You any prior notice, modify, up-date or terminate the Application, and You agree that CSBHK shall not be responsible for any damages or losses (whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental) or expenses of any kind caused by any interruptions, delays or termination.
9. You agree that CSBHK may from time to time amend these terms without obtaining your prior consent or giving You prior notice.
10. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of these terms, the English version shall apply and prevail.
11. These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, and both You and CSBHK agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong.



请注意,香港证券及期货事务监察委员会(「证监会」)已修订《证券及期货事务监察委员会持牌人或注册人操守准则》及发出《网上分销及投资咨询平台指引》,以就销售证监会定义为复杂产品(「复杂产品」)引入额外的监管要求。新规则要求将于2019年7月6日生效(「生效日期」)。欢迎阁下浏览本公司网站 (www.csb.com.hk),了解相关新规则、新产品类型分类、产品介绍、警告声明和风险披露声明。

自生效日期起,如阁下通过本公司的交易平台进行任何交易,即表示阁下确认已阅读、理解并接受与复杂产品相关的新规则,并同意受其约束。 如果阁下不理解、接受或同意,请不要通过本公司的交易平台进行任何交易。
如果阁下对新产品分类有任何疑问,请与客户经理联络或致电本公司的客户服务热线 (852)22379338 / (86)400 818 0338 查询。


『若 阁下使用本网站并透过本公司网上证券交易服务发出任何证券交易指示, 阁下将会被视作确认及同意接受风险披露及免责声明的内容。故此,谨建议 阁下必须详细阅读有关风险披露及免责声明内容。』
本公司谨建议 阁下在使用本网站所提供的网上服务操作 阁下在本公司的证券账户以进行网上交易前,必须先行详细阅读以下内容。当 阁下透过本网站发出有关 阁下在本公司的证券账户的指示以进行网上证券交易时, 阁下将被视作已确认及同意以下内容:
(甲)证券价格可能会及确实会波动,任何个别证券的价格可升亦可跌,甚至在某些情况下可变成毫无价值。买卖证券存有潜在风险,所以未必一定能够赚取利润,反而可能会招致损失。此乃 阁下同意接受的风险。
(乙)本公司及其员工对提供或转发其他机构所提供任何证券或推介资料,有关内容完整、准确及有效性不作任何形式的保证,任何投资取向亦不构成任何买卖建议, 阁下应进行独立的评估及适当的研究,以对内容加以参考取舍。而证券服务提供之证券价格资料是由香港联合交易所及其他由本公司选择的资讯供应商提供。尽管本公司及香港联合交易所及/或其他由本公司选择的资讯供应商会尽力确保所提供的资料的准确性及可靠性,本公司及香港联合交易所及/或其他由本公司选择的资讯供应商并不保证资料的准确性及可靠性,亦不会承担任何由于资料的不准确或不全而令 阁下蒙受损失的责任。
(丙)由于网络繁忙及其他无法预料的因素,互联网乃是一种潜意识不可靠的通讯媒介,而这种不可靠性亦非本公司所能控制。本公司的网上服务系统亦可能因必要的系统提升或变更或其他暂不能确定的因素而出现延误或因而停顿。基于此不可靠性,透过网上传送及接收 阁下的指示可能会失败或出现延误,亦因此可能会引致延误或未能执行 阁下的指示及/或在执行 阁下的指示时的价位与 阁下发出指示当时的价位不相同。而且,任何[网上的]通讯亦存有风险,则指示可会被截断、干扰或在传送时失败以及有关通讯亦可会被误解或出现错误。 阁下必须绝对地承担此等风险,而本公司对任何与此有关之直接、间接、特别或其后引致的损失概不会以任何方式负上任何责任。 阁下亦同意任何指示一经发出后在一般情况下是无法取消的。
(丁)若 阁下在使用本公司网上服务时出现上述系统延误或故障, 阁下可致电 2237-9338联络本公司客户服务员安排透过其他途径作出 阁下意欲发出的交易指示。


5. CSBHK不承担由于您进入、使用、无法进入或无法使用本程式而导致的任何损害、损失或费用(无论是直接的、间接的、特殊的、相应而生的或附带的)。



請注意,香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會(「證監會」)已修訂《證券及期貨事務監察委員會持牌人或註冊人操守準則》及發出《網上分銷及投資諮詢平台指引》,以就銷售證監會定義為複雜產品(「複雜產品」)引入額外的監管要求。新規則要求將於2019年7月6日生效(「生效日期」)。歡迎閣下瀏覽本公司網站 (www.csb.com.hk),了解相關新規則、新產品類型分類、產品介紹、警告聲明和風險披露聲明。

自生效日期起,如閣下通過本公司的交易平台進行任何交易,即表示閣下確認已閱讀、理解並接受與複雜產品相關的新規則,並同意受其約束。 如果閣下不理解、接受或同意,請不要通過本公司的交易平台進行任何交易。
如果閣下對新產品分類有任何疑問,請與客戶經理聯絡或致電本公司的客戶服務熱線 (852)22379338 / (86)400 818 0338 查詢。


『若閣下使用本網站並透過本公司網上證券交易服務發出任何證券交易指示, 閣下將會被視作確認及同意接受風險披露及免責聲明的內容。故此,謹建議閣下必須詳細閱讀有關風險披露及免責聲明內容。』
本公司謹建議 閣下在使用本網站所提供的網上服務操作 閣下在本公司的證券賬戶以進行網上交易前,必須先行詳細閱讀以下內容。當 閣下透過本網站發出有關 閣下在本公司的證券賬戶的指示以進行網上證券交易時, 閣下將被視作已確認及同意以下內容:
(甲)證券價格可能會及確實會波動,任何個別證券的價格可升亦可跌,甚至在某些情況下可變成毫無價值。買賣證券存有潛在風險,所以未必一定能夠賺取利潤,反而可能會招致損失。此乃 閣下同意接受的風險。
(乙)本公司及其員工對提供或轉發其他機構所提供任何證券或推介資料,有關內容完整、準確及有效性不作任何形式的保證,任何投資取向亦不構成任何買賣建議, 閣下應進行獨立的評估及適當的研究,以對內容加以參考取捨。而證券服務提供之證券價格資料是由香港聯合交易所及其他由本公司選擇的資訊供應商提供。儘管本公司及香港聯合交易所及/或其他由本公司選擇的資訊供應商會盡力確保所提供的資料的準確性及可靠性,本公司及香港聯合交易所及/或其他由本公司選擇的資訊供應商並不保證資料的準確性及可靠性,亦不會承擔任何由於資料的不準確或不全而令 閣下蒙受損失的責任。
(丙)由於網絡繁忙及其他無法預料的因素,互聯網乃是一種潛意識不可靠的通訊媒介,而這種不可靠性亦非本公司所能控制。本公司的網上服務系統亦可能因必要的系統提升或變更或其他暫不能確定的因素而出現延誤或因而停頓。基於此不可靠性,透過網上傳送及接收 閣下的指示可能會失敗或出現延誤,亦因此可能會引致延誤或未能執行 閣下的指示及/或在執行 閣下的指示時的價位與 閣下發出指示當時的價位不相同。而且,任何[網上的]通訊亦存有風險,則指示可會被截斷、干擾或在傳送時失敗以及有關通訊亦可會被誤解或出現錯誤。 閣下必須絕對地承擔此等風險,而本公司對任何與此有關之直接、間接、特別或其後引致的損失概不會以任何方式負上任何責任。 閣下亦同意任何指示一經發出後在一般情況下是無法取消的。
(丁)若 閣下在使用本公司網上服務時出現上述系統延誤或故障, 閣下可致電 2237-9338聯絡本公司客戶服務員安排透過其他途徑作出 閣下意欲發出的交易指示。


5. CSBHK不承擔由於您進入、使用、無法進入或無法使用本程式而導致的任何損害、損失或費用(無論是直接的、間接的、特殊的、相應而生的或附帶的)。