China Connect
(Shanghai + Shenzhen Stock Connect)

China Connect is a mutual market access program co-established by Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) and China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (ChinaClear). The program allows investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China to directly trade and settle shares listed on the other market respectively. China Connect consists of two parts: (i) Shanghai • Shenzhen Stock Connect (or Northbound Connect), which allows Hong Kong and overseas investors to trade companies listed in the A-share market through Hong Kong-based brokers; and (ii) Hong Kong Stock Connect (or Southbound Connect), which allows Mainland investors to trade companies listed in Hong Kong.

With its parent company CITIC Securities commanding a leading position among securities firms in China^*, CITIC Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited (CSIWM) is among the first brokerage houses in Hong Kong to participate in the Northbound Connect. One CSIWM account covers as many as 10 large bourses in the world, facilitating global investment in markets including those in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the US. HK and overseas clients need only to open a stock account to participate in the Northbound Connect as well as other equity markets. It is simple and convenient. As one of the first securities companies to operate in the China Connect, we combine research from CITIC Securities and CLSA to provide clients with China-focused analysis of major companies listed in SSE, SZSE and SEHK, aiming at creating optimal portfolios for investors participating in the China Connect.

CSIWM clients enjoy the following advantages:

  • One stock account for trading in the China Connect scheme as well as in other global markets
  • Margin financing for trading in a wide range of stocks listed in SSE and SZSE
  • Online, mobile APP trading platforms and orders by phone
  • Same-day currency exchange for large deals
  • Exclusive company analysis of shares listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong bourses

*For the past five years CITIC Securities Company Limited has been the largest investment bank in China by total assets, shareholders’ funds, total revenue, net profits and assets under management.