Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management Services

Regardless of what you are pursuing, a prosperous life or a stable future, we will strive to provide you with quality private wealth management solutions which help you plan and secure your ideal investment portfolio. 



Why Us?

> Quality Investment Advisory Services

The research teams in CITIC Securities (including the research departments in CITIC Securities and CLSA) are top-notch in the industry. Leveraging the powerful research teams and their reports, we can provide you with accurate and valuable market information and investment advisory services. 


> Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

Our wealth management team has profound knowledge about the domestic and foreign financial markets which can customize comprehensive wealth management plans allowing you to accumulate wealth. 


> Experienced and Trustworthy Teams

We can handle a huge volume of wealth management product transactions and our professional teams have extensive experience which gained the trust of existing investors, including institutional investors and professional investors.