Algorithmic Trading

What is Algorithmic Trading?
Algorithmic trading refers to the use of automated computer programs to conduct investment and trading activities, that operated by computer automatically and based on a defined set of algorithms, such as the technical data of specific market.
Benefits of Algorithmic Trading
Compared with executing manual orders, one of the benefits of algorithmic trading is that it assists clients to hit the trading targets accurately and timely while processing a large amount of trading requirements. The system can split large blocks of securities orders into small market orders to buy or sell according to clients’ objectives to reduce the impact of a single large transaction on market price fluctuations.
Another two advantages of algorithmic trading are simultaneous automated checks and monitors on multiple market conditions so that more trades opportunities can be analysed and executed; implement customised investment strategies faster by avoiding the possibility of mistakes by human traders due to irrational factors.
Advantages of CATS
Our company's algorithmic trading system CATS is a self-developed computer program and mathematical model. Clients can participate in automated mutual market (Shanghai Connect and Shenzhen Connect) and Hong Kong stock market trading. Trading strategies can be designed in advance to determine the timing, price and quantity in order to seize trading opportunities automatically.

- Make every effort to protect clients' trading intentions and ensure trading activities will be uninterrupted and continuous.

- Our advanced computer program is designed to analyse intelligently instead of splitting trading orders mechanically based on trading microstructure, real-time market information and market data, etc.
- Provide multiple programmatic trading strategies with rigorous compliance control to minimize risks and protect clients' rights and interests.
We provide algorithmic trading service to clients who have been assessed and qualified as professional investors by us. Investors are suggested to have deep understanding before operating algorithmic trading. If you would like to know more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.