Fraudulent Websites or Platforms Unrelated to CITIC Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited 2 June 2023
Notification of Change in HKD Prime Rate 31 May 2023
Notification of Change in USD Prime Rate 4 May 2023
Client Notification in Response to Major Changes in the U.S. Withholding Mechanism for Publicly Traded Partnerships 4 November 2022
Re: Addendum for Omnibus Client 16 March 2022
Re: Addendums in relation to the Fund Transactions and SPAC Transactions 7 March 2022
Cyber Security and Personal Information Tips 4 March 2022
Re: Amendment to the Terms and Conditions 6 January 2022
About Commencement of the Payment of Financial Reporting Council Transaction Levy from 1 January 2022 29 December 2021
CITIC Securities Wealth Management (HK) - Notice of Trading System Integration and Function Enhancement 14 September 2021