Amendment of the Standard Settlement Cycle for U.S. Securities Market 3 May 2024
Notification of Reduction of Stamp Duty on Stock Transactions 17 November 2023
Fraudulent Websites or Platforms Unrelated to CITIC Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited 15 September 2023
Notification of Change in USD Prime Rate 28 August 2023
Notification of Change in HKD Prime Rate 1 August 2023
HKD-RMB DUAL COUNTER MODEL Trading Guidelines 16 June 2023
尊尚服務 創富未來 | 全新財富管理中心正式開幕 31 May 2023
Client Notification in Response to Major Changes in the U.S. Withholding Mechanism for Publicly Traded Partnerships 4 November 2022
Re: Addendum for Omnibus Client 16 March 2022
Re: Addendums in relation to the Fund Transactions and SPAC Transactions 7 March 2022